Hi, I’m Trin!

I’m a pastor, speaker, and writer, I’m generally long-winded, and if you love coffee and are a hot mess but really trying to get it together, we’re going to get along.

A little about me: my husband of ten years is attractive and talented enough to make me insecure, but funny enough to offset that. I have three kids that are my primary source of material (here and in therapy). 

I love Jesus, the capital-C Church, and helping people see God’s truths in a clear and relevant way. I have seen firsthand how the Holy Spirit brings health to every single area of life, and I’ll be as silly, self-deprecating, hard-hitting, and annoying as I need to be to get people pointed toward Him.

I really, really like coffee. And sleep, but that’s more of a dormant hobby in this season. Hence, coffee.

Whatever you came here for, I really hope you’ll let me know what you found and what you did with it. You can reach out at trinity@trinityneilson.com. Thanks for listening (er, reading)!

Trinity Neilson

tl;dr Trinity Neilson is a pastor, speaker, writer, and coffee-lover living in Central California with her husband and three children. Her desire is to see people know Jesus in a way that brings health to every single area of their lives. She loves date nights with her husband, Pancake Fridays with her children, and all of the coffee.